We Make Remodeling Easier

Remodeling your home can be a fantastic investment - but it’s not easy. Contractors need room to work, and you can never know how long it’ll take. Don’t shove your bookshelves in the bathroom or your couch in the kitchen! Move your furniture into safe, clean, temporary storage units with Reliable Storage.

We offer a wide range of storage units at seven locations around Kitsap, WA. No matter how much stuff you need to store or where you live, we’re sure to have a quality storage unit that keeps your stuff close to home. We even offer free use of our rental truck when you rent a storage unit!

At Reliable Storage, we do everything we can to make your storage experience quick and easy. Check out our online rentals to get a storage unit in minutes and get started building your dream home!

Why Choose Reliable Storage?

Perfect for storage while remodeling or building a home

Secure Storage

No need to worry about your things while you’re focused on the renovations! Our facilities are protected by 24/7 surveillance, security gates, fencing, and more.

Easy Online Rentals

Get the storage unit you need in minutes with our super-simple online rentals! Storage shouldn’t make your renovations any more stressful.

Local Service

We’ve been rooted in this community for over 40 years! With seven locations across Kitsap, you’re sure to find one that’s convenient and accessible.

Flexible Month-to-Month Rentals

You can never really be sure how long a remodel is going to take! With Reliable Storage, you’ll never have to sign a long-term lease. Rent for as long as you need, and stop as soon as the last contractor leaves.

Free Digital Inventory

Get a personalized inventory of the items you need stored and the perfect unit size for it all.

Pay for What You Use

We don’t have contracts, so you can move out anytime. And only Reliable will give the part of the month you didn’t use if you move out before the 15th.

Need Help Finding the Right Size Storage Unit?

Use the Reliable Storage Calculator to build the perfect size storage unit for you in Kitsap County, Washington