Facility Access Made Easy

Turn your phone into a remote control

No more stretching out your window to type a gate code into the keypad. Gone are the days of having to get out of your car in the rain to open up a storage facility’s gate. 

Now, you can just tap an app on your phone to have the gate open for you. Of course, the keypad will always work with your gate code if you ever have any trouble with the app or don’t have your phone. 

The app also has your gate code and unit number for easy reference! Download the EasyCode gate access app today and see the setup instructions below.

Setup Instructions

Before your next visit, complete these steps to set up the smart phone app

  • Step 1. Download EasyCode from the app store of your choice
  • Step 2. Turn on Location Services and Bluetooth if they aren’t already on
  • Step 3. Enter the unique location code as seen below into the app
  • Step 4. Enter your last name and current gate access code. Only use the SEVEN DIGIT CODE; do not include the * or # at the beginning and end.
  • Step 5. Add your email and select a password to use with the EasyCode app
  • Finished! You’re done! The app will be ready to use within 24 hours.

Unique Location Codes

Find your location and enter the unique code into the app:
Waaga Way
Bainbridge Island
Port Orchard

How to Use the App

Now, your app is ready to use. When you are approaching the gate at our site, just open the app on your smartphone, and you can open the gate once you are logged in. 

If you don’t see an option to open the gate, just wait until you are on-site. It will appear in the app once you are close enough.

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